Anelia Hochwarter M.D.



Anelia Hochwarter MD

Eye-specialist in Rudolfstiftung Clinic Vienna and scientist at Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of retinology and biomicroscopic laser surgery, Vienna, Austria.





Born in Gorna Mitropolia, Pleven, Bulgaria.

  • elementary school and primary school, Gorna Mitropolia
  • Highschool, teaching Russian as a foreign language, matriculation, Pleven, Bulgaria
  • Medical university Pleven, Bulgaria and Medical university Vienna, Austria and promotion to “Dr. med. univ.”
  • Jus practicandi in “Herz Jesus Krankenaus“ hospital, Vienna, Austria and “Rudolfstiftung” Hospital, Vienna, Austria
  • Ophthalmology specialty in “Rudolfstiftung” Hospital.
  • From 2004 – Eye-specialis and eye surgeon in department of ophthalmology, “Rdolfstiftung” Hospital  and researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Retinology and Biomicroscopic laser surgery, Vienna, Austria
  • From 2007 – Lecturer at Medical university Vienna, Austria
  • Head of 3 specialized consulting offices in: uveitis, vascular eye diseases and plastic surgery of eyelid
  • Experience with cataract operations, retinal tearing off, glaucoma, vitreoretinal surgery (over 3000 operations)
  • From 2007 person in charge of the eye disease commission of “Home violence – requirements and precautions in public health system”, Ministry of health, family and youth in Austria
  • From 2008 member of the uveitis commission in Austrian eye specialists association
  • From 2009 in International medicine commission in Austrian association of eye-specialists, responsible for doctors’ goodwill missions.

Social projects:

  • Patronage with donation of the homes for children in Gorna Metropolia, Bulgarien
  • Renovation of the church "Holy Trinity", G. Mitropolija, Bulgarien
  • Мedical mission: Island Socotra, Yemen (2009)
  • Medical mission and teaching in Harrare, Zimabwe (2011)
  • Medical mission and teaching in Uzbekistan (2012).